College Students

College students enjoying a meal at a local restaurant.

spacer Here at Wesley Memorial, we love college students!
We have a college-aged Sunday school class that meets during the academic year and students are invited to participate in any and all church activities and mission projects.
One of the places at Wesley where college students often plug in is an ongoing mission project called The Gathering Place. The Gathering place is a fun night, once a month, for teens and adults with special needs. We hang out, play games, eat snacks, and end with an awesome dance party!
Also, if your stomach is missing a home cooked meal, you’re welcome to join us on Wednesday nights for our Wonderful Wednesday meal! Your meal is on the house, and we look forward to hearing your story.

Newly moved to Wilmington for school? A long-time local? Curious and unsure about God, or a follower of Jesus? We know that Wilmington can be a big place, a city on the beach where you can be surrounded by people and yet not feel truly connected with anyone. We’d love to change that and help you to feel welcome. WOW: Wesley of Wilmington is a college-aged campus ministry affiliated with Wesley Memorial UMC and the North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church. We’re always working to provide a safe place of community and faith in the midst of college life, and would love to meet, pray for, and welcome you to Wilmington.
Everyone is welcome.

For more information, visit WOW’s website ( or connect to them by clicking here.