Elizabeth Lemaster


Elizabeth was born and raised in both the United Methodist Church and Wilmington, North Carolina. She credits the church and faithful people throughout her life with deepening her faith in Christ. Elizabeth believes that people of all ages can become disciples of Christ, especially children, and this informs all aspects of her ministry (which includes Godly Play, Sunday School, Kids for Christ Events, leading Children’s Choir, and the planning of special events involving children and families). She loves making connections with the families of Wesley Memorial.

When not working, Elizabeth enjoys drinking coffee, exploring new things in her hometown, spending time with friends and family, traveling, and snuggling with beloved pug, OJ.

I had searched for ten years for a congregation & community that was young and old, that preached love, that was fueled by the Holy Spirit, that had balance between tradition and applied interpretation to the problems of today, asking 'How can we make it better?' As a person who has loosely attended church my whole life, I never felt home until Wesley.

Kathryn Sausman

From the first time I stepped foot in Wesley Memorial, I felt like I had come home... we not only have good preachers but good shepherds in every sense of the word.

Jim Driskill

I truly believe God brought me here. From the first time I drove by Wesley, I knew it would be my church... the place for me.I continue to be drawn to the giving, loving, caring people who attend Wesley. They have taught me a lot, and I pray I give back as much as they have given me.

Sharon Underwood

We have been there for 25 years now. My sons have found Christ while being raised at Wesley. There are so many great missions going on at the church, so many quiet shepherds doing good works and spreading the word. I love that I am needed there. I have found so many ways to serve.

Laura Beasley