Photo by Joanne Garmon

Loria Frazier


Loria has served as the Office and Financial Manager at Wesley Memorial since 1993, building deep, long-lasting relationships with the people of our church (whom she considers to be “an extension of my family”). Loria is grateful for the blessings of God , and looks forward to seeing where God may lead her.

When she’s not crunching numbers or providing vital leadership in the church office, Loria enjoys spending time with her sports-loving husband, Michael , and their son, Dillon.

I had searched for ten years for a congregation & community that was young and old, that preached love, that was fueled by the Holy Spirit, that had balance between tradition and applied interpretation to the problems of today, asking 'How can we make it better?' As a person who has loosely attended church my whole life, I never felt home until Wesley.

Kathryn Sausman

From the first time I stepped foot in Wesley Memorial, I felt like I had come home... we not only have good preachers but good shepherds in every sense of the word.

Jim Driskill

I truly believe God brought me here. From the first time I drove by Wesley, I knew it would be my church... the place for me.I continue to be drawn to the giving, loving, caring people who attend Wesley. They have taught me a lot, and I pray I give back as much as they have given me.

Sharon Underwood